Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome to Creativity Cafe, a publication to tickle your muse, inspire your exploration, feed your eyes and heart, help evoke your mystery, and open doors to others' innovations in their creative process.

I always was intrigued with the Paris Salon era, the early part of the last century, where poets, novelists, artists, and thinkers gathered in the cafes of Paris to explore their ideas in community. As Gertrude Stein was deconstructing the sentence, Picasso and Braques were deconstructing the human figure, and they gathered in the cafes to share their innovations, argue and explain their latest ideas, and just enjoy each others' company.

A lively creative conversation has resurfaced with our phenomenal connectablility in our world wide web, and the last ten years have seen more artistic dialogue than ever imagined by our last century friends. But for me, something more is needed. Yes, I love to go to the coffee shop with my laptop and browse, but out of mountains of content, I didn't always discover the exquisitely inspirational creative stories I needed to move me forward on my own path.

This magazine will be that.
I hope to gather artistic content from a variety of fields to inspire you in your own endeavors. Even with the internet's seemingly unlimited universe of blogs, how-to videos, social networks, and websites, I still find myself wanting to curl up on the futon in my studio with a cup of something hot, and page through a beautiful glossy magazine when I need that creative boost.

So I ask you this - send me your links, your images, your poems, your work methods, send me your how-to lessons, your mail art calls, your social networking success stories - let us gather here on these pages to share all that the creative muse has blessed us with!

Let this be our Cathedral of Creativity where we gather to celebrate our successes and share our deepest struggles as we sing the song of our own unique voice.
All submissions are greeted with warm gratitude and the promise of good karma for being brave enough to share your personal creative journey.

Be you a poet, a Reiki master, a Shaman, a mail artist, a blogger, a writer, a printmaker, a painter, a dream explorer, a story-teller, or a playground games expert, I welcome your submission and input.

So Let The Fun Begin!


  1. Awesome idea! May it be abundantly successful!

  2. great idea. I long for those days (though I'd be very old if not dead now, lol -- that's what I tell myself). It was my favorite time in history. I often ask myself, who is that group right now and haven't been able to answer it since maybe the days of the Rolling Stones/Warhol's Factory/Capote etc...

    I don't know what I can conjur up, but I support it...

  3. Ahhh our little french cafe where we can drink and laugh til the sun comes up on the nobleness of our calling. Please pass the croissants.

    Debbie Z. Lattuga

  4. Dear Aunty Em - count me in on this. I hope that, once you have come through this difficult time with your family, you do indeed launch this magazine. What do you need from me? My latest posting on my blog (called the Magus) might just be the ticket?? I don't know. Hey, what say I make you a journal and give it to you to fill in. Can I be so bold to ask if I can keep the one you sent me in exchange for one I make you? Then, we can send each journal at the same time as the other and fill it in. Let me know.
    Hugs and love from the other side of the world.